Dell Mini 9 USB pendrive recovery from failed BIOS flash

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After a bad BIOS flash (or better, a flash of a bad BIOS, ghgh) on my Dell Mini 9 I started searching for a recovery procedure using Phoenix BIOS Crisis Recovery Disk.

Dell Mini 9 BIOS

But this tool requires an USB floppy drive, as seen on Mydellmini forum. Being this hardware quite hem… legacy+unuseful I managed to create a USB pen drive image that will restore the netbook with the very latest A05 BIOS.

  • Download the USB pen drive image here and unzip the file.
  • Copy the A05.DD image to your usb pen, using dd on linux:
    dd if=A05.DD of=/dev/sdX
    replace X with your correct device, of course. Haven’t tried, but this may work also with dd for windows.

Then start the recovery procedure:

  • Remove battery and power adapter;
  • Confirm USB pen drive is plugged in;
  • While pressing and holding Fn & B keys, attach power adapter plug. The power lights will momentarily blink and your Mini will beep once;
  • Continue to hold Fn & B and press the power button;
  • Release the keys once USB pen drive begins reading (your pendrive led starts blinking);
  • Your Mini will beep continually until the flash is completed and reboots.

Note:  the display is not available during this process.

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