How to bypass firewalls or captive portals with dns2tcp

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Have you ever found an open wireless access and when opening your browser you get a nice login screen asking you a credit card number (a captive portal)? What’s next? Make your choice: fill the form with the magic numbers or try to bypass this security mechanism!

Classic wireless hot spots commonly allow two protocols: ICMP and DNS (UDP/53). ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is used to report errors and warning to the client and DNS is mandatory to resolve hostnames. While ICMP can also be used as a transport protocol (see PTunnel), firewalls may block unusual ICMP packets (ex: suspicious big packets). On the other side, there are often less restriction regarding DNS traffic.

In the following tutorial, we will use the tool dns2tcp written by two guys working for HSC, a French security company.

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Let’s party, there’s Hardy

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Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 ISO mirror on this server here. Oh, and MD5 sums, also.

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How to enable mouse scroll under VMware guest

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In case where using guest Linux under VMware, mouse scroll does not work.
To fix this, open terminal and type the following:
$ sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Then find “InputDevice” section with Identifier “Configured Mouse”
Change Option “Protocol” “ps/2”
Option Option “Protocol” “IMPS/2”
Last restart X using Ctrl + Alt + Backspace.

Quad-booting a macbook (updated! also only triple booting)

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HOW-TO: Installing OSX Leopard, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu on a Macbook

Updated: Now also triple boot without Vista

Quad boot Macbook

1) You will need a format and repartition of the whole disk, so time machine your previous data.

2) Insert OSX Leopard (also Tiger works) Install DVD. Reboot the macbook pressing the C key (so it will boot from DVD). From the “Utilities Menu” window menu select “Disk Utility”. From “Volume Scheme” tab, select 5 partitions and use this schema:

0 EFI protected (which is invisible under Disk Utility)
1 Name: VISTA Format: MS-DOS File System <–create this partition *even* if you don’t plan to install Vista, XP partition *must* be the 4th one to avoid missing hal.dll trouble!
2 Name: STORAGE Format: MS-DOS File System
3 Name: XP Format: MS-DOS File System
4 Name: OSX Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
5  - Format: Free Space (Linux partitions will be created here later)

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