Simple antispam for HTML forms without captcha

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Captcha antispam is very annoying (even if there might be some fancy implementations), a simpler way to get no less spam towards email forms can be an approach like this:

– create a hidden text form hidden by CSS;

–  if this hidden field contains some sort of text the form won’t be posted (cause generally spam bots don’t bother on CSS).

An human user, using a (d|r)ecent browser don’t see the form and he can post without annoyng captcha insertion. Legacy browser (no CSS aware) would display a warning telling the user not to write anything in the text form.

Here’s the astonishing trivial code.

A new browsing experience part 2: Opera’s urlfilter.ini

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Ads filter list for Opera Browser.
Close Opera and overwrite the urlfilter.ini file in:

  • Vista: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\profile
  • Xp: %USERPROFILE%\Applications Data\Opera\Opera\profile
  • Linux: ~./opera

with this one:

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